Printed wallpaper, it has never been so easy to install.

The word wallpaper raises up different images for different people. Some think of the peculiar fruit print in their grandma’s kitchen or the bizarre floral pattern in the bedroom, while others get enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of today’s modern wallpaper. What should you do with your empty walls at home or office? Well, the good news is that printed wallpaper has never been easier to have, by printing your own personalized design it became so exciting especially now that you can design it and install it without glue, it’s just peel and stick and can be removed without ruining your wall.

Amazing right?
































So, would you rather cover or paint your wall? As only a few people would debate the artistic wallcoverings over paint, some might be surprised to know that overtime wallpaper is a wise economical choice as they last longer than paint under normal usage conditions. The good news is that you don’t have to repaint every 3 years and get it cleaned frequently. Subsequently, bring an entire empty wall to life with a personalized design or high-quality image from stock photos and transform your wall into a beautiful full-color digital print.

Wall murals are becoming an increasingly popular movement in the home and at work; so how does it work? After selecting your art and measuring your wall it is then printed according to the wall size and is broken down into sections and is supplied as separate drops that are positioned together. It is then peeled off as a sticker and smoothed out onto the wall.  As simple as that! No need to worry about tears and rips as it is strong and durable and non-tear, the ink is permanent non-fade high quality, and you can wipe it clean with a damp sponge. The paper is also odorless, tough and scratch resistant.








Brilliant for bringing life and character to any room in the home; from the playroom to the master bedroom. Printed wallpaper is a great way to transform your child’s room into an imaginary land with their favorite characters from films or books, or to make a statement in the living room or why not use a special photo from an event? An enchanting sunset or natural landscapes that will look simply beautiful when scaled up.


The perfect way to have your own touch on a feature wall.

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