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KMART Bean Bag Filler

K-Mart is a subsidiary of Transform Holdco LLC and has over two-hundred retail stores across the United States. According to their website, you can purchase bean bag filler online or in store, and they have a variety of different brands and sizes. To make your decision easier, we’ve decided to compare only the 3.5 cubic feet packs. If you’re looking for the best price, then Kmart is the number one choice.

  • Bean Bag Factory 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres) – $14.99
  • Big Joe 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres) – $14.98

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and employs over 2.2 million people in the United States. You can purchase bean bag filler online or in store. Walmart is not the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. They stock products from two of the world’s largest suppliers Big Joe and Ace Bayou.

  • Big Joe 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres) – $19.98
  • Ace Bayou Bean Bag Refill Polystyrene Beads 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres) – $19.98

You may find a Target store close to you, as there are over 1,800 stores throughout the USA. Target’s website displays three different bean bag filler alternatives two are branded ‘Gold Medal’. The largest pack is five cubic feet and it retails for $42.99. Alternatively, you can pay $20.99 for two cubic feet of Gold Medal filling.  They also offer ACEssentials two cubic feet bags for $31.99. Keep in mind these prices are significantly higher than other providers.


Amazon needs no explanation, as most of us know, they are the world’s largest online retailer. But not the cheapest. Again, there are a number of options when it comes to buying bean bag filler on Amazon, but Big Joe is the cheapest.

Big Joe 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres) – $19.98


Foam America offers a range of filling types in different sizes. The most comparable is the Virgin Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Beads which comes in a 3 cubic feet bag. Foam America is located in Phoenix Arizona, however, they have an online store and very reasonable freight rates.


Bed, Bath & Beyond offer the Ace Bayou 3.5 cubic feet bag of beans for $18.99. You can purchase through their online store or pick up from one of their 1,550 stores which are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.


Bean Bag City have been in the beanbag business since 1975!  Their showroom is located at 1480 W. Spring Valley-Paintersville Road, Spring Valley, Ohio. They have an online store that offers beanbag filling in two convenient sizes. The 3 cubic feet packet is $26.50 and the 6 cubic feet packet is $64.00


Joann has 865 stores across the United States and has been in business for over seventy-five years. From Joann, you can purchase a two-cubic feet bag of beans bean bag filler for $13.99


While there are many different sellers offering bean bag filler on E-Bay in the USA, the most competitive price we found was $23.31 for the Big Joe 3.5 cubic feet (100 litres).


Walmart Canada

Operating in Canada since 1994, Walmart has four hundred stores. It is sure to be the most convenient supplier. Walmart sells the Lounge & Co brand of beanbag filling in one hundred litre bags (3.5 Cubic Feet) for $19.97.

Home Depot

In Canada Home Depot has 182 stores located in convenient locations. Home Depot offers a two-pound bag of beanbag beans for $19.95. We estimate the volume of this package to be approximately 3.5 cubic feet. Home Depot offers Free Shipping for online customers and Canada’s second-largest network of bricks and mortar stores.

Amazon Canada

Amazon offers a range of different size beanbag filling ranging in price from $13.98 to $70.20. At the cheaper end of the scale, there is a thirteen-ounce size bag. Whilst for $70.20 you can order a two-pack of 100-litre bags from the online store.

BeanBag Factory

The Bean Bag Factory website offers an excellent solution to anyone requiring larger volumes of filling. They offer a fourteen cubic foot package (around 400 litres) for just $120.99. You can order through their website and if you live in Ontario or Quebec you will receive Free Shipping.  They have fifteen stores throughout Canada, or you can visit their warehouse located in Mississauga by appointment.


ULine based in Milton, Ontario is a family-owned business offering a range of packaging products throughout North-America. The company offers a five cubic feet bag of beanbag ‘peanuts’ with prices ranging from $57 to $64 depending on the quantity.


My Bean Bag Canada is an online store that offers beanbag filling in seven different sizes. This is a very convenient way to purchase, because these bladders or inner liners, provide a second layer of protection, and you don’t have to pour the beans into the bag, because this job has been done for you. If you are looking to purchase this type of filling, be sure to check the cover you are filling has a long three to four-foot zipper, because you may have difficulty inserting the bladder into the cover if the cover is fitted with a standard zipper. The covers are manufactured from a fabric that is 70% polyester, and 30% cotton. The fabric is treated with an AEGIS anti-bacterial, anti-mould solution. The filling supplied is a mixture of virgin beans (70%) and recycled beads (30%).


Kijiji is Canada’s largest online classifieds website. Here you will find numerous options, however, at the time of publication, there was just one on offer, which was ten cubic feet of beans for $75. These are high-density beans which may last longer than larger beans and are around 3-5-5 millimetres in size.

Lazy Life Paris

Lazy Life Paris offers a Canadian manufactured bag of beans in a convenient one-hundred-litre size (3.55 Cubic Feet) for $39.00. The company uses fully recyclable EPS Polystyrene which is fire retardant. You can order through their online store and have the beans delivered anywhere in Canada within four to six days. We were unable to link to this site because the site is not secure.


Canada offers 2.5 Cubic Feet bags of beans through their online store for $30. The beans are Grade A Virgin beans which are designed to last longer than recycled beans. We were unable to link to this site because the site is not secure.


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