Roller blind installation with your printed design

What type of windows are Roller blinds best for?

Usually, roller blinds can fit for most types of windows but here are some types we are more likely to see in the UAE.


What is over-roll and under-roll?

Over roll and under roll is a term for how the roller blind is installed it is the direction of the fabric that comes off the roll as shown in the diagram here:

When do we use over roll?

Over roll

Roller blinds are installed in the over roll if you prefer some light to still enter the room while still giving you privacy as it creates a gap between the window and blind, they can also be installed that way if there is a French door that has handles. Some people also think it can give you a clean look when the roll is not visible.

Under roll

Roller blinds are frequently installed in the under-roll position and can be installed that way if you need to minimize the light in the room especially if it fits inside the window frame it would be very close to the window hence blocking the light. Although a point to consider is the backing of the fabric of the printed roller blind, it is usually white to block the heat from the windows, so when it is installed in the under-roll position the white backing of the fabric is exposed which means the roll will be white.

Sidewinding chain

The most common way the roller blind is operated by is a side winding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing. You can choose which side you prefer to have the chain on according to your space and make sure you attach the chain to the wall for child safety reasons.

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